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      Nursery British shorthair,
Scottish fold and Highlander (British longhair)  of cats. The most rare and precious colors.  You are on a website "Blue crystals". The majority of our animals, have colour of eyes, as though "Dark blue crystals". And our first kittens with is bright-dark blue eyes! (G)  We have been breeding British shorthair, Scottish fold and Highlander (British longhair) , the most rare and precious colors. Such as-
Silver chinchilla-point, Golden chinchilla-point (Golden shaded point, Silver shaded point) and other rare colorpoint options (сhokolate silver point, lilak silver point, blue silver point, red silver point, cream silver point...). Our producers have in their pedigrees of names of well-known, leading kennels of Europe (Belgium, Germany, Holland, the Czech republic, Slovakia, Uk: v. Goldenen Winkel, v. Wahrberg, Jadwiga's, D Oaxaca, v. Elamis, v.d. blauen Rose, v. Kreuzanger, v. Romero, Annaida's, v. Magdebrunnen, v. Ybloske-Eksolby, Сrazy Blue, v. Koberland, Bell Arden, v. Zauberland, of Sunnyland, v. Mafdet, v. Kronsburg...) and Russia ( Gregori al Gato, the Snow Queen, Mormot, Сat's berry, of Marcell, of White Raven, The Private Collection's, Perl of Empire's...).
All our animals live together with us in a spacious 3-storey cottage, 6 km from St. Petersburg.